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The following terms and conditions apply to our services provided over the internet, including communication which is accomplished via email and are subject to change without notice. By accessing and browsing, or using our website and completing the proposed reservation, you agree that you have read, understood and you have accepted the conditions listed below, including the privacy statement. The content displayed on this website, along with on-line bookings for accommodation in hotels or Small scale accommodation who have offered their accommodation facilities are owned by In addition, data published on this website are used for your personal, non-commercial use, in accordance with the terms and conditions given below.

Article 1
Our services

Web site is a online software platform (web application) whereby hotels and Small scale accommodation (such as temporary accommodation) can advertise their accommodation. Visitors can therefore make a reservation kapacitete in accommodation provided on this page. By making a reservation through, You enter into direct - regulated contractual relationship with the hotel or Small scale accommodation. We as, act solely as an intermediary between you and the hotel or Small scale accommodation, where we present the details of the reservation to the hotel or Small scale accommodation and send you an e-mail confirmation of booking accepted or rejected in the name of the hotel or Small scale accommodation. The information displayed on our website, is solely maintained by the hotel or the Small scale accommodation. Data which is placed on the website is: housing prices, updating the prices, occupancy of accommodation facilities, and other various information and imagery. We put a strong effort and time to verify the quality and validity of published data, but we can not vouch for the validity of this information. We can not vouch for typos or errors caused by setting the data by hotels or Small scale accommodation. Each Hotel or Small scale accommodation is responsible for the accuracy of published data. Errors are also possible while doing repairs, modifications, updates, etc. by the operator of the website. Our website is not and should not be considered a recommendation or confirmation of the quality level of service or assessment of a Hotel or Small scale accommodation. Our services are available for personal and noncommercial use. You are not allowed to use the information presented on for commercial activity: copy, display monitor or a video presentation, download or reproduction of any part.

Article 2

The prices shown on the website apply for accommodation in a room with VAT (Value Added Tax) and all other fees, unless otherwise indicated on the page. Our goal is to provide lowest possible prices for selected hotel or selected Small scale accommodation in comparison to other websites that provide same services.

The relationship between the displayed price in MKD (Macedonian website) and EUR (English website) is informative and actual relationship can vary. Page provide payment option for the selected accommodation on rates under the following conditions:

- The visitor of the page who wants to make payment on rate must have credit card!
- The value of the first installment must be at least 20% of the total value of the accommodation.

The remaining installments fees are set by the visitor himself. But the last installment must be paid at least 20 days before the date of arrival.

Article 3
Privacy observe high ethical standards and respects your privacy.By no means, details such as your name, email address, credit card details required to complete the booking in the relevant hotel, will be published without your permission.

Article 4
Free of charge

Our services are free of charge. Unlike many other websites we will not charge you for our service or charge you additional fees for booking. Prices are final and are all included charges including tax Sat temporary accommodation and the like unless otherwise noted

Article 5
Credit card

The credit card is a payment instrument required by the hotel to guarantee the reservation. In this sense we will send data from a credit card directly at the hotel that you've made a reservation, and we can only perform verification - prior authorization of your card "as good". For specific prices or special offers (Last minute, Today, Only this weekend ...) your credit card will be charged with no chance of refunding or canceling the booking. Please check the conditions under which special offers aplies.

Article 6
Cancellation of booking

By making a reservation you accept and you agree with the policy of the relevant cancellation and non –appearance or appearance of the hotel. General conditions for cancellation of reservation and non-appearance at the hotel or the Small scale accommodation are:

- Refund of payments – Not possible!

Please be detailed and thorough in checking the data offer by the accommodation and in particular to look out the fact that certain services and promotions are not eligible for cancellation of reservation If you want to view, correct or cancel the reservation, please return the certificate in the form of e-mail and send instructions with it.

Article 7
Further communication

By completing the reservation you agree to receive email from us, which will give you specific information and offers relevant to your reservation and destination. We could also send you an e-mail immediately after departure from your hotel or Small scale accommodation and ask you to fill in a simple survey. This information will be used to inform future visitors to your opinion about your stay at this hotel or small scale accommodation. These data should be considered as a survey and will not engage in commercial offer, solicitation or promotion.

Article 8

The software package that is set to is used for our needs and is available only for this page. All intellectual property rights (including copyrights), content and detailed information and materials used on our site are the property of Using these data are consistent with the Macedonian legislation and the section on intellectual property and any dispute will be responsible before the Macedonian courts. Owner of is DREAMS LTD, Ohrid


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